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       We are a small, specialized company providing high quality & diverse services to our clients, primarily in the beautiful & historic greater German Village area of Columbus Ohio.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.  Owned and operated by Jamie and Leslie Weilbacher, A 2nd Estimate has been in operation specializing in the roofing needs of historic era buildings since 1989. 
     Jamie first began repairing slate in 1973.  Pursuing a life-long interest in Architectural ornament and appreciation of the beauty of historic materials and good craftsmanship, Jamie studied Architecture and Crafts at Kent State University, receiving his BFA in crafts in 1983.  
     Living in German Village since 1983, and with family ties going back in German Village over 150 years, we consider ourselves to be motivated caretakers of the roofs we are privileged to work on.  Whether asked to provide economical repairs, top quality restoration or new installation, we believe all of our jobs must be well executed as our part of the good stewardship we feel called and honored to provide.   

Here's how to get in touch with us:


Jamie Weilbacher, Craftsman

Leslie Weilbacher, Business Manager 


Office Telephone: 1-614 444-0808


Email: Jamie@a2ndestimate.com     (this address goes to both Jamie and Leslie)

We operate a home office in German Village.

Some customers catch us on the front porch ; ) 

Thank you for visiting our web site!

A 2nd Estimate Ltd.
78 E Frankfort Street
Columbus, OH 43206-1040
Since 1989

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